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The Big Island Vacation Rental Association was formed to be an advocate for the Vacation Rental Community on the Big Island. We exist to help vacation rentals grow and prosper on the Big Island. Our members include vacation rental owners, property managers, suppliers, and vendors.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shutdowns and quarantines have had a devastating impact on the Big Island. Vacation rental owners and property managers have been among the hardest hit.

From the waves of cancellations and refunds, to the sense of powerlessness to do anything to stop what has happened, the Vacation Rental Community has been impacted in ways once thought unimaginable.

As the quarantine has dragged on, and elected officials began talking about opening hotels and resort first while forcing vacation rentals to remain closed, a group of vacation owners decided it was time for our community to come together and form an organization to advocate for and advance the interests of the Vacation Rental Community on the Big Island.  

The notion that hotels could re-open while keeping Vacation Rentals closed is infuriating, unfair, and very likely illegal and unconstitutional. The state and county government cannot use their power to pick favorites within the Hawaii travel industry. Fortunately, it now appears this scheme is no longer under serious consideration. But if recent months have taught us anything, it is that the Vacation Rental Community must no longer sit idly, twisting in the wind, doing little to voice our concerns and defend our interests.

To this aim, a group of motivated vacation rental owners has formed the Big Island Vacation Rental Association. The new association has been created as a Hawaii non-profit organization and will seek 501c(6) tax-exempt status—the same type of organization as Realtors, Chamber of Commerce, and most other business trade organization. Membership fees to join the Association will be a deductible business expense for Vacation Rental owners, managers, and vendors.

The initial goals for Big Island Vacation Rental Association are as follows:

Ø  Ensure vacation rentals are treated the same as hotels and resorts when the out-of-state visitor quarantine is lifted.

Ø  Engage with Hawaii county elected officials and departmental leaders to help shape future decisions and policies that impact vacation rentals.

Ø  Begin efforts to educate the public on the importance of the Vacations Rental Community to the Big Island’s economy. Not only do we provide the vast majority of lodging accommodations on the island, but we generate thousands of good paying jobs through our cleaning services, maintenance, management, etc.

Ø  Be prepared to litigate when necessary to defend our rights and interests.

Ø Over the coming months, we will build a super useful website with features like:

s Vendor directory to find photographers, contractors, plumbers, handymen, etc, on the Big Island

sProperty manager directory

sMembers forum to ask questions and interact with fellow owners on best practices, condo association issues, STVR issues, etc

sUseful information on the Big Island, Hawaii, Local Events

Annual membership is only $100.   Over 4,000 STVR licenses were issued by Hawaii County since last year.  Imagine the power of this association if just half joined!

An initial Board of Directors has been formed and over the coming weeks we plan to expand the leadership team to involve owners and property managers from across the Island.  The organization will be 100% transparent with finances and every dollar received will be spent on advocating for and advancing the interests of vacation rentals on the Big Island.

Let’s stop sitting on our hands and start taking action today! 

Join the Big Island Vacation Rental Association and help us get to work for you!  

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