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Ohana Aina Association

About Us

The Ohana Aina Association was formed to be an advocate for Homestay, Farmstay and Transient Rental operators on the Big Island.  We exist to help families grow and prosper.  Our members include families, farmers, short term rental owners, property managers, service providers and visitors. 

The Ohana Aina Association is a Hawaiian 501c(6) non-profit corporation.  That means our operations are funded through membership dues.  If you depend on short term rental income to make ends meet each month, please join now.

Our Core Values

Honesty - Speaking truthfully about our group, goals and the impact our industry has on Hawai’i.

Integrity - Not just speaking but behaving in a manner consistent with our values.

Transparency - Disclosing who we are, what we stand for and how we operate.

Our Core Principles

Private Property - People who own real property should be able to do whatever they choose with it as long as it is not adversely impacting others.

Economic Participation - Tourism is the primary industry here in Hawai’i. It is kama'aina’s only viable path to prosperity and economic independence. We have a right to participate in that industry as capital owners.

Self-Direction - Economic success is enabled by hard work, risk taking and creativity. We demand the right to run our businesses as we see fit without unnecessary interference from the local government.

Universal Participation - Everyone should be able to participate in our industry including families who aspire to ownership.



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